2021 Youth Agricultural Lifetime Leadership (YALL) Tour

The 2021 tour dates for the Youth Agriculture Lifetime Leadership Tour is set for July 11-16, 2021.

Explore & Experience Agriculture on the 2021 Y.A.L.L. Experience! The Y.A.L.L.
provides youth with the opportunity to get a true view into agriculture. The 6 day
experience will allow youth to understand the diversity of our agriculture industry while also networking with those who make it happen. 30 youth will be selected (9th—12 grade) to travel to the Texas Panhandle to learn about production agriculture and what it takes to feed and cloth us!

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2021 Career Opportunities Reflecting Excellence (C.O.R.E.) Academy 

The Career Opportunities Reflecting Excellence Academy is a 4-day exploration program for youth to experience higher education and career choices. This program will provide youth an opportunity to explore career and leadership opportunities in a diverse global economy as well as learn about post-secondary degree institutions across Texas. Our goal is to provide youth a connection to meet academic personnel that will help guide their career choices; meet with industry and business professionals to expose them to a variety of career paths in the areas oh Hospitality and Tourism, Business and International Relations, Law Enforcement, Foods and Nutrition, Research Programs, Wildlife Photography and Corporate Careers. 

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Tour Dates: June 28 – July 1

Application Deadline: May 15th


Texas 4-H Photography Contest

Entry period: April 1—15, 2021

Entry Fee: $10/photo

Members will upload their photos on 4HOnline at the time of entry.

Contest is open to all active Senior age 4-H members in grades 9, 10, 11 & 12th.

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Texas 4-H Livestock & Equine Ambassador Program

The TX 4-H Livestock Ambassador program strives to provide high school age 4-H members the opportunity to develop & practice advanced leadership skills related to mentoring other youth, & to become advocates for animal agriculture.

The goal is to expand the reach of the program to other regions of the state, expand the presence of Livestock Ambassadors with regional & major livestock shows & fairs, & increase the ongoing support of current Ambassadors through technology & additional training opportunities.

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