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Meet the New Guy

Hello Folks,

I want to take an opportunity to introduce myself to the good people of Kerr County who it is my pleasure to serve on behalf of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.  My name is Mike Morris, and my wife Daphne and I are multi-generational Texans.  I have come to extension by an atypical path, having spent a long career in agriculture, from feed milling and cow/calf consultation with Purina Mills, feed mill construction and management with Con Agra, and broiler production management with Con Agra Poultry.  The final part of my career in private industry was spent establishing husbandry programs and policies for food animal production with an international restaurant company, a role that led me to work with producers on site in North and South America, Europe, Africa, and China.

Most of my career has involved teaching, whether an Oklahoma or Kansas cattle producer, a family raising Arkansas broilers, or a South African farmer working to establish a supplier relationship.  I regret to say I could never teach a European a darn thing!  Daphne is a life-long educator, from the classroom to district specialist roles, and served as Principal for two Texas elementary schools. Today she is dedicated to her passion, reading excellence, in the Kerrville ISD.

We have two daughters, Mac & Mic, both graduated, grown, and on their own.  MacKenzie teaches Agriculture Science in Texas.  Michaela and her husband Trevor live in Missouri where Mic is a Physical Therapy Assistant serving a rural community.  More importantly, she and Trevor presented us with our first grandchild, Mack James, in February last year.

Having grown up with farming and ranching and being a life-long outdoorsman, I am fortunate to share many of the values and experiences of the folks here in the Hill Country.  I am absolutely committed to the AgriLife Extension mission, and that means I am dedicated to the people of Kerr County.  It is my great fortune to be assigned to an Extension office that is staffed by the most talented and enthusiastic folks you could ever hope for.  They are doing their best to steer me in the right direction, and with their help and yours, I sincerely hope to be an asset to Kerr County.

Please call, email, or stop by.  I am here to serve you.



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